Friday 2 September 2022

Ten I Ching cards
I've prepared a small deck with 10 cards for those who want to try using card for casting I ching hexagram.

The card images, (full size, ready to be print) are available here.

For those who do not want to set up their own project on a Print on Demand service, you can order the printed cards directly from MPC.

You can cast a single line following this process:

  • shuffle the eight cards
  • pick one of them (without turning it)
  • rotate it at will (again, without looking at the card's face) so to lose track of its orientation
  • turn the card and look at the top left corner
  • add 5 to the number of red dots you see there. You'll get 6, 7, 8, or 9 with yarrow stalks probability.

Actually, the main purpose of these cards is for meditation on the nature of the trigrams (if you feel inclined to do so) but they be well used for casting hexagrams as any other method.

 The deck also contains two additional cards that can be used for casting lines:



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