Monday 28 June 2021

Seven Cards (reprise)

After some test with the Seven Cards method that I posted some time ago, I decided to design a variant with larger (tarot sized) cards. I don't believe I can get any simpler than this.

I also decided to take an extra step asking an artist to draw two original illustrations for the two sides of the card. I went with the traditional theme Dragon/Tiger.

I'm extremely pleased of the work she did and I'm sure you'll like it too. You can find more of the artist's work on her Instagram account,

Below, the two sides of each card:

You'll use seven of such cards but their use is slightly different from the previous method; you place them as shown below:

and the line in the low left corner is the line you recieved. If there are two identical ideograms (one red, the other black) at the bottom center, then it's a moving line.

You stack the cards one on top of the other to record the lines until you will receive the full hexagram (and the related one) as shown below:

I'll probably print them trhough a print on demand service to get the feeling of using them for real.