Sunday 1 May 2016

About this site
Fu Xi drawing a trigram
This site presents a collection of methods for casting I Ching hexagrams. Beside the traditional ones (yarrow stalks and three coins) there are many others that people have devised along the years, I've collected here the ones I found and added some more details. I've also added some method I devised myself (tagged as original).

I believe that finding a preferred method (and, possibly, building the corresponding device) for casting hexagrams, augments the feeling of connection between the question and the answer. This is what motivated me to start this collection.

You can browse the methods grouped by category (dice, beads, sticks, ...) or just reading the articles in the archive.

I hope looking at the methods listed here you will find the one that more resonate with you or, even better, will feel encouraged create one of your own. It that would be the case, I will be very happy to know and include it in this list.

Each method is presented from a purely technical point of view: historical notes, objects to use,  how to build or buy them, the process to follow, statistical properties.
Psychological aspects, rituals and connections to other esoteric practices are not discussed here, they are too personal and would require much more knowledge than I have. If they are relevant for you, and help you developing a deeper understanding of the I Ching, you should, by all mean, consider them. If you find a method not mentioned here, please let me know.

Please, send me any feedback or comment you may have.

Image: Fuxi drawing a trigram


  1. Hi! Wondering if you have encountered the Magnetic I Ching method. Saw it on onlyon Youtube (I'm not the author of it) Just in case you can review its probabilities. Thank you.

  2. Thanks! I was not aware of it. I'll add it among the other methods.