Friday, 1 July 2016

One die (1d6)
Anoher method using a single dice:
  1. Roll a die;
  2. Draw the line:
    • If it's an even number (2,4,6), draw  ;
    • If it's an odd number (1,3,5), draw  ;
  3. If it's 1 or 6, it's a moving line;
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 other five times drawing the hexagram from the bottom to the top. 


The probabilities are similar to the three coins one but there are more chances of producing moving lines:

Prob(6) = Prob(9) = 1/6 = 16.7%
Prob(8) = Prob(7) = 2/6 = 33.3%
Prob(yin) = Prob(yang) = 1/2


I've found that the company Antony Publishing sells dice that works with the same principle but can directly provide the resulting line (moving lines are marked with a dot). These two images have been taken directly from their site:

Single die

Set of six dice


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  2. Rolling 3 dice, going off odds and evens and have 3 rolls odds or 3 roll evens would result in the same changes as three coins wouldn't it?

    1. Sorry the "3 roll odds and 3 roll evens" was referring to moving lines

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